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25-Minute Ab Circuit

Engage the core in this ab-blasting workout. Complete this at home or the gym. No equipment necessary. This is the perfect addition to a cardio day or on your living room floor on days you can't make it into the gym!


Perform 5 rounds of each exercise for 40 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Once you complete the fifth round of the first exercise, take 20 seconds to rest before beginning the next exercise. Continue that sequence through the entire workout in order to finish in 25 minutes.


1. X Ups

2. Shin Huggers

3. Hollow Body Hold

4. Side Plank Dips

5. Sit Ups

To watch instructional videos for these exercises, download our Energy Fitness App for members. Scroll down to "Workout Library," select "Elite Suite," and then "25 Min Ab HIIT."

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