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Getting The Most Out Of Your Strength Sessions

While access to nice equipment alone won't make you achieve results, they are incredible tools that can make a significant difference. As gym equipment continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, we aim to stay in touch with the designs that can provide our members with the best tools to get the most efficient and effective workout possible. We challenge you to incorporate these new pieces into your weekly routine and see how they can help take your workout to the next level! Ask your personal fitness coach to give you a full orientation so that you feel comfortable and confident with all the versatile functions!


To optimize calorie burn, it's important to build lean mass in the large muscle groups like the lats. This piece features an adjustable thigh pad that is contoured and swivels for a comfortable fit to isolate the lower body. The design gives users the range of motion to perform seated, standing and dynamic pulldown movements.

Multi-Plane Chest

This piece embodies the best in cable-based functional training. It can accommodate movement progressions from seated to standing and from one arm to two, with full range of motion. This versatility gives users the ability to program just about any sport- or life-specific exercise through all planes of movement.

Booty Builder

As people are realizing the importance of glute activation for physical function, strength and performance, this piece makes hip-thrusting safer, faster and more effective. The raised feet design puts you in the ultimate position to isolate the glutes.

Health Runner

This runner provides the most natural run a treadmill can give. Run at your own pace with better results burning up to 30% more calories than you get from traditional motorized treadmills, as well as a better running technique.

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