Our ELITE training team is the most caring, supportive and encouraging group of fitness professionals in the industry today.  It’s not just about giving you a great workout, it’s about helping you to achieve and maintain your best self. We take the time to get to know you and put together a fitness and lifestyle plan personalized just for you.

Handpicked for You

Our caring, supportive team of trainers have been carefully vetted through our 4 tier hiring process to ensure the truest experts in the industry are available to you. Accountability, motivation, and fully customized programming will lock in your results. Polished, personable and professional trainers will ensure you enjoy the journey to get there.

Backed By Science

Our STYKU Body Scan Technology provide 3D imagery, detailed measurements and body analyses to provide insights on your starting point and the results you’re after. Quarterly scans will deliver quantifiable results and side-by-side images to celebrate your results.

Community Support

Our signature Energy FitFam app will keep you connected to your trainer and the Energy community to keep you on track. Customizable FitPlans, on-demand workouts from your favorite trainers, and a live feed of lifestyle tips, Energy is committed to delivering a comprehensive experience to meet your fitness goals.

Weight Loss


Jumpstart your weight loss journey knowing you have the expert knowledge and support to finally earn real, sustainable results. Our ELITE trainers take an aerial view of your history and lifestyle to create achievable and maintainable weight loss goals. Use our proprietary Energy FitFam app to make incremental lifestyle changes that add up to measurable differences over time. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or are coming off of a gastric surgery, we’ve helped thousands of clients achieve the weight loss results they seek. 


“The thought of working with a trainer intimidated me at first, but from the very first time I walked in through the door, I was made to feel like part of the family. I’m down 54 lbs so far and have gained a fitness family who supports me.” -Carlee P.

  • Maximize Fat Burn
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Losing Inches
  • Improved Overall Health

Power, Speed & Strength


From the budding adolescent to the professional athlete, our ELITE trainers create an expertly curated program to give you an edge on the competition.  Blending functional training with sports specific workouts, our team will elevate your performance, your physique, and your mentality. Our signature FitPlans enable regular trainer check-ins in between workouts to ensure the most comprehensive approach is being taken to maximize your results. 


“Besides significant improvements in his game and his physique, I never expected my son to gain a new confidence on the ice. The team at Energy is professional and personable, my son looks forward to his training and we love the results.”   Jeff D.

  • Hit Personal Records
  • Resistance Training
  • Strength Training
  • Breaking through plateaus

Creating Healthy Habits


Are you in need of a lifestyle overhaul? Stress, hormones and unexpected events can throw off our balance and find us far from vibrant, healthy individuals we deserve to be.  Bring your body and mind back to optimal alignment through physical activity and lifestyle coaching from our ELITE training team. Re-set and re-charge by waking up those happy hormones called endorphins and by having a team who helps you dial in your lifestyle goals. Shed the “wait,” and come in today to learn more. 


“Life slowed down for me after menopause…A friend recommended Energy and now 8 months later, I’m feeling rejuvenated and can even see my waistline again! If you’re feeling alone, the community at Energy will be an uplifting reminder that you are not!” Laura S.

  • Overall Wellness
  • Lifestyle Habit Tracking
  • Nutrition Guidance
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