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New Year, New Perspective

Happy New Perspective! Yes, this is usually a time for New Year resolutions but this time around, we are making a permanent change. Let’s try to break out of the routine way that we think this season. The reason is simple; positive momentum vs. potential moments.

For example, we have all heard the stats; it takes approximately 65 days to break a habit. The most common resolution is to eat healthier and exercise more but only 9.2% of people actually stick to their New Year’s resolution.

Well, what if I told you to create a goal that incorporated back sliding into it? Let’s say you want to lose 15 lbs, set your calendar up as such:

  • Week 1 and 2: Lose 3 lbs.
  • Week 3: Gain 1 lb.
  • Week 4 and 5: Lose 6 lbs.
  • Week 6: Gain 2lbs.

And so on to so forth. Radical isn’t it? Instead of a perfect linear drop in weight, I have built in what can be considered “The Human Element.” It’s an acceptance that I am not a failure because I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back; I am actually a real person. The key is gentleness and self acceptance. Growth in most aspects of life has ebbs and flows which I am perfectly fine with so long as I never give up!

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5 ways team fitness training is beneficial

Accountability and inspiration can be two powerful factors that will push your workout regime to the next level.

Team fitness is the perfect arrangement that provides both ingredients that lead to better results. Plus, it’s just more fun to work out in a group.

If you’re thinking about approaching exercise in a group format, and being a part of a pack, take a look at our New York gyms for opportunities.

If you’re not convinced that a group workout is the way to go, consider these five benefits of getting stronger, together.


Endorphins Edge

Working out releases endorphins. Anyone who’s ever experienced runner’s high knows the feeling. The release is caused by the exertion of physical feat. Did you know, though, that working out in a group can trigger the release of endorphins simply with a smile?

So, while you’re likely to feel amazing after getting a good sweat going, you can also feel good by working within a team that’s cohesive, encouraging and smiling.

The practical benefit, in addition to being happy, is that your body will better react to whatever challenge is ahead. The mood boost through endorphins will encourage you to complete the task at hand.


A Helping Hand

Group workouts open the door to exercises that are otherwise unavailable during solo sessions. For instance, with two people, you can perform assisted pull-ups or medicine ball toss sit-ups.

In addition to diversifying workouts, you have a spotter. Spotters can point out what you’re doing correctly and incorrectly. This makes for more efficient workouts and reduces injury risks at the same time.



There’s something about community – especially if you’re on a health quest. When you work out together, you are part of a team. Members of the team care about the health of not only themselves, but of their comrades.

This dynamic fosters accountability, encouragement, motivation and a strong sense of team. As you sweat, struggle and conquer together, the bonds will only grow stronger, creating better relationships. When you care that much about the group and what it does for you, you will be more focused than ever on improving yourself, too.


External Motivation When It Matters

When your team members root for your success, you’re likely to reach your goals for the day –even if you’re not having your best outing at the gym.

Motivation from others, unlike the motivation sourced from the physical benefits of a workout, is powerful and contagious, benefiting the entire group.

The positive vibes that emanate in workout groups will push the individual to go harder – and inspire them to never give up because everyone is counting on each other for the motivational fuel to succeed.


Get the Competitive Edge

Sure, you can beat your personal best on a mile run, but it’s that much sweeter when it’s against a fellow workout companion. A group setting will push you to work harder than others because we are all competitive by nature and want to be the very best.

Positive competition means a drive to keep up with the group, which can output a greater effort than if you had gone it alone.

Are you convinced yet about the benefits of group workouts? Then it’s time to try our 45-minute ENERGY STRONG team, which encapsulates the very best of what it’s like to work out in a team setting. These workouts are intended to transform your body and mind through fun and dynamic exercise that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

And all it takes is 45 minutes!

So, if you’re ready to sign up and be a part of a group that inspires you to be the best version of yourself, visit one of our New York gyms. You can also take advantage of our 5-day trial pass to get started.


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Cardio workouts that can maximize calorie burn

Cardio shreds body fat, accelerates metabolism, boosts blood circulation, and just makes you feel good overall!

When we talk about getting blood flowing, it’s cardio. And when we talk cardio, we’re talking some serious calorie-burning.

Aerobic exercise triggers the heart to work faster and generates great blood flow. The outcome: a river of oxygen gushing throughout the body, which over time, trains the body to make better use of oxygen.

It’s a tremendous workout with a lot of benefits! And we want you to know how to make the most of it.

Here are some specific exercises that can help maximize calorie burn the next time you get moving.


Treadmill Sprint Intervals

The New York lifestyle can be stop and go, but it’s mostly go. This concept, actually, works really well on a treadmill.

The stop and go of sprint intervals will increase the amount of the calories you burn.

A steady pace is great, but what will really push your limits is alternating between all-out effort, followed by short periods of moderate grind. Once you get in 60 seconds of recovery time, shift into the next gear and push yourself again and remind yourself it’s go time!


Go for a Swim

Even if you don’t use internal sprints, swimming is an incredible, non-impact activity.

Legs, arms, back, shoulders and everything else really gets to work when you go for a dip. Because so many muscles are involved, swimming is one of the top-rated cardio exercises you can perform.

And yes, the type of swim stroke matters. The butterfly will always burn more calories, but don’t shy away from a little freestyle because all swimming is good cardio.


Row to Burn

They say don’t skip leg day for a reason! That might be because the legs contain large muscles that allow you to burn a whole lot of calories.

Rowing requires leg strength and the use of nine major muscle groups. By keeping the intensity high, a rowing session can be the ultimate calorie-eliminating exercise.



If you’re not quite ready for interval sprints, jump on the treadmill for a jog instead.

As a top-calorie burning activity, jogging requires a lot energy use. As your body expends the necessary energy to move, it’ll burn more calories than other exercises.

Make the most of your day at the gym by starting and ending on a treadmill – your body will thank you later.



Whether you’re in front of the curtain mirrors, or getting an early-morning workout in at home, burpees will challenge you.

That’s because when you are performing this exercise you’re engaging the entire body. Squatting, kicking, jumping and pushing up will take its toll quickly.

This full-body workout means a lot of muscles are engaged, making for a high-intensity workout that is sure to burn calories.

Ready to take your workout to the next level? Then be sure to visit one of our New York gyms.